Spring and Summer Makeup Trends for 2019

Makeup tips for the spring and summer

The Best Makeup Tips for Your Event

The hottest makeup trends are very colourful this season. Make sure you are looking your best for the event.


Put away your collection of reds and pinks, as the new red is orange for this season. The shade is super saturated and beckons the warmer months with warm luscious lips.


Pull out that sun kissed bronzer as a radiant complexion is always on trend. Warm, healthy skin that looks sun kissed is the hottest and most understated way to greet spring. Give skin a seemingly effortless and natural glow.

Ironically the biggest makeup trend for Spring/Summer 2019 is for little or no makeup. As we don’t all have flawless skin his look is about well-conditioned skin and a good skin routine.


Eyeliner: now here there is an arrangement of trends from graphic cat eyes or winged liner, or you can mix it up and add white, yes you heard white liner is back this time you can wear it on the top liner and bottom, and even on the lids.

Eyeshadow: Blues are here to stay well for a while longer at least but this time you can go as you like this season. It’s a continuation from 2018, when the trend returned, but this season there’s something for everyone from subtle liner to blocks of shadow.

If Orchid, lilac and lavender shades are invading your makeup bags. That’s because the next trend is purples, but you don’t have to wear this on your eyes, you can add it to your lip or nails to complement your make up. Best purple nail varnishes.

now this next bit might seem a bit odd but the trend for lashes to have false lashes on the top. Yes the modern 60’s look doesn’t require you to pull your eye lashes out and then draw them in, but just add false lashes to the top, making sure you have chosen a beautiful wispy set.

Eyebrows: the latest eyebrow trend is to have microblading. Microblading makes sure you have perfectly looking brows all year round as these are essentially ‘tattooed’ onto your face. A highly trained microblading technician will work with you to create the best eyebrow shape for your features and face shape.