Corporate Event Ideas

The Best corporate event ideas

When throwing a corporate event to get people talking, you are going to need to go above and beyond to get this to happen. There is a huge range of easy-to-organise events available that are suitable for all personalities, ages and tastes.

Here are our top corporate event ideas.

Escape Rooms

This event is suitable for smaller corporate teams, but it allows everybody to work together to reach freedom at the end. You will take it in turns to solve clues and puzzles in order to escape the room. Team work, good problem solving skills and a sharp eye is all needed to get out during the allotted time.

Choose an escape room for your corporate event

Cooking Classes

To get everybody out of the office, a cooking class is a great idea as it offers a day with a difference and a three course meal! Get your team settled into your state of the art workstation and listen to your cooking instructor. Follow the steps to create the perfect meal and work in a team to achieve success. Best cooking classes.


Luxury Yacht

If you really want to impress, a luxury harbour cruise is the perfect corporate event. These super boats can cater up to 60 people and are great for celebrating a new launch or product. For the highest standard of event management, food and beverage options and a modern vessel, we recommend Legend Cruises. This company specialises in Sydney Harbour Cruises for events.

Group Kayaking

The event can start with a gentle padding through the water and then can vary from adrenaline rushing activities to calming and exciting tasks. The best activities for a corporate event include blindfold navigation where communication, trust and team work is tested. Click here.

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